4 Awesome ASMR Humming videos for your sleep time playlist

I’m not sure if ASMR humming is so enjoyable because of the fact that it brings back memories when my mother would hum/sing to me to help me sleep.

Allowing me to relax and almost allow her presence to be known, which would help a lot as I didn’t much care for being alone when I was a child.

So just knowing she was there, even if she was just humming, was comforting for me.

And I suspect why ASMR humming is so enjoyable for me and many of the members of the ASMR community as it brings them back to that relaxed state they once experienced when they were younger because of scenarios like this one.

For your curiosity, if you haven’t had the delightful experience of hearing some soft humming from someone, whether that be in real life or in an ASMR video;

I’ve collected the best humming ASMR videos for sleep, so you can see what you’ve been missing out on.

Best 4 ASMR humming videos for sleep

1. ASMR Humming Halo Theme

If you’re gaming, you’ll know the classic halo theme from way back int he day.

I’m sure if you heard it now, it would give you that nostalgic feeling we sometimes crave to keep us comfortable.

In this list, I wanted to add one of the more cooler humming videos – as they’re a range of different videos that feature some very different songs.

But I think this 1-hour version of the Halo theme is worth mentioning if its something you played way back when you were a child.

Just like we previously discussed, about reliving your old memories for when your mother may have hummed to do, this particular Halo theme could have this similar effect of comfort on your sleep.

Allowing you to feel relaxed and safe so that you can get all the beauty sleep you need – to your fondest childhood gaming soundtrack

2. Soft Singing ASMR and Humming

If you’re interested in a bit more variety from your ASMR content, then soft singing ASMR can be a great ASMR trigger alongside ASMR humming.

This particular trigger keeps things fresh as you going from humming – where you can’t really understand the words – sort of like inaudible whisper ASMR

To then soft singing, where you can understand and focus on the words if the song, in particular, is meant for comfort – as some songs are which makes them great songs to use in ASMR videos such as this one.

I can’t really speak about the particular songs in this video, or any video because that’s when it gets overwhelming – and I feel like any song is great for ASMR humming because it’s more about the comfort factor of humming than it is about the particular song.

This video from FrivolousFox ASMR would also go into the personal attention category in my opinion, as it includes plenty of hand movements and she is really in your face.

Sort of in your personal space in a way, so this would make the entire video much more personal.

Which is an obvious factor in the ASMR personal attention trigger.

3. Gentle Whispering and Humming

If you’re looking for a video that features both gentle whispers and humming, then you’re in luck.

I can imagine this combination being one that many people want to listen to as these two triggers work so well together.

They both for me fall under the personal attention ASMR type trigger that I enjoy so much.

The attention of the gentle whispering along with the humming noises is just absolutely bliss to my ears.

I don’t feature Catplant ASMR to much on this website, but that’s just because I don’t watch many of her videos – but after recommending this beautiful humming ASMR video to you all, I might just have to start exploring more of her content.

If you’re looking for a combination of personal attention that features gentle whispering and humming – then this is the video for you.

4. ASMR Gentle Humming Worship Songs

If you’re looking for just humming, as some of these previous videos have contained a variety of triggers, then this only ASMR humming video will be perfect.

From one of my favorite content creators on the platform, ASMR MaryJLee.

She has created a wonderful ASMR humming video which is perfect for anyone looking to get some sleep as it only features gentle noises.

Being surprised by loud noises such as speaking or just other triggers added into the mix can distract you from getting the sleep you need.

And in some cases even pull you out of the relaxation state you were first put into.

However, if you’re wanting something that is going to ensure this trance-like state, I suggest watching this particular ASMR humming video, after doing so you going to want to more than certainly add it to your sleepy ASMR playlist for bedtime.

Final Words

ASMR humming

Just a short one today, as the variety of humming videos is not that large in comparison to other ASMR triggers, despite their obvious popularity within the community.

Hopefully, our favorite creators will create some more so I can add them to this list but at the very least I hope you have found the perfect ASMR humming video for you from this article.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.