5 relaxing ASMR Heartbeat videos to help you relax

ASMR heartbeat videos are one of the more strange triggers to arise from the ASMR community.

Although I do think it has managed to become a solid and effective trigger throughout in the way of getting you comfortable and relaxed.

It might have something to do with when you’re close to your partner or parent, laid on their chest and you can just hear the hypnotizing noise of their heartbeat beating.

Instantly making you feel so much more comfortable and safe knowing they are there with you.

Which makes this such a great trigger.

Or it could be something to do with the fact that its a constant noise that you are able to listen to.

Listening to sound patterns can almost get you into a hypnotizing state because it’s consistent and also familiar, so you can get used to the sound being there.

Get comfortable with it.

And then it allows you to drift off to sleep.

But whatever the reason this weirdly unique ASMR trigger is so popular, I am going to show you some of the best videos that feature this particular ASMR trigger so that you can see for yourself why it’s such a great trigger.

1. ASMR Heartbeat and Deep Breathing

There is quite an abundance of this type of ASMR trigger being featured on its own in an ASMR video, as you will usually find it included alongside other triggers.

Usually, these triggers are something to do with personal attention ASMR, as you can imagine this type of trigger is deeply personal – as a lot of ASMR triggers are.

I think they’re something very unique knowing that you are listing to another human’s heartbeat – its sort of poetic in a way you know?

It’s sort of crazy that we’ve got to a point in time where I can listen to someone else heartbeat across the world and doing so will give me a great deal of comfort.

Anyways, not to get carried away here but this particular video is a very soothing example of what it would feel like to be listening to someone’s heartbeat in realtime.

Jelzy ASMR does some deep breathing here to, to mess around with her heartbeat which I think fits in with the video and adds some variation to the noise.

Although if you were looking for a more constant heart rate to fall sleep to, perhaps this isn’t the video for you.

2. ASMR Heartbeat Soothing and Consistent.

If you’re looking for a more constant and soothing heartbeat to listen to, then this next video which is linked just above will be ideal for you.

This video essentially only consists of a calm heartbeat rate and nothing much else, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to listen to this particular trigger only.

Although I think it can get quite repetitive and almost uncomfortable to listen to someone’s heartbeat for that long, I can understand why it might be enjoyable for some.

And that’s exactly why this particular video appears on this list.

For those of you looking for a soothing heartbeat to listen to tonight.

3. ASMR Heartbeat Tingles and Positive Affirmations

If you’re looking for a little more variation than what the last two ASMR heartbeat videos have offered you, then you should look into this next video from the queen of personal attention ASMR herself.


I always find comfort from any type of personal attention ASMR video Frivi creates, and her ASMR heartbeat video is no different.

What makes it even better is that she throws in other personal ASMR triggers alongside the soothing noise of her heartbeat.

Such as her deep soothing breaths as well as positive affirmations that are always welcome to my ears, especially after a hard day of work or school.

This is by far one of my favorite personal attention ASMR videos from her and is one I often go back to when I feel like I need someone near me whilst I try to get my beauty sleep.

If you’ve read anything on this site, you’ll know Frivis is one of my favorite ASMR content creators.

Because of her bubbly and goofy personality as well as her always seemingly high-quality videos.

As you can imagine, I can’t recommend this video enough to you all, especially if you’re looking for some variation when it comes to the ASMR heartbeat trigger.

And even more so if you’re looking for some personal attention to help you with your sleep – which we all need from time to time whether that’s from a friend, a family member or some random stranger on the internet who makes ASMR videos for a living.

4. Real Twin ASMR heartbeat noises


Although this is a short video in comparison to the other ones on this list, it is still a really awesome ASMR heartbeat trigger video that you just need to watch.

Even if you don’t fall asleep with it on, it can be a quick way of at least putting you into a more relaxed state tonight.

This twin ASMR heartbeat video features a set of actual twins.

And I say actually because most of the time these twin ASMR videos are usually just camera trickery.

So it’s great to have an authentic twin video for once, especially when it features a trigger like this.

Its actually really cute to listen to both of their heartbeats at the same time and even cuter to notice that their heartbeats are just a little bit off from one another, with them being twins and all it just makes it so much more pleasing.

They’re obviously very cute girls, and again I think this really hits that part of the ASMR visual aspect I really desire from all ASMR videos I watch but far few achieve.

A great all-around trigger that features the ASMR heartbeat trigger we just love, I just wish it was longer!

I guess you COULD just loop it if you wanted to fall asleep with it on but it’s just not the same…

5. 9 Hours of authentic ASMR heartbeat noises


Now if you’re looking for JUST the ASMR heartbeat trigger and absolutely nothing else, not even visuals from a creator’s face.

Then I have found the perfect video just for you.

This next video is over 9 hours of recorded heartbeat sounds from one of YouTubes creators – although I’m not sure which one.

The heartbeat is not widely consistent and is actually quite fast at some points in the video but again as I’ve mentioned I think it keeps the video from getting too boring.

Ensuring that your ears don’t get overly used to the sound.

And allowing for the audio to at the very least affect you in the way of soothing and calming you into being more relaxed and hopefully giving you the opportunity to get the sleep you need.

There’s not much more to say about this video, but it perfectly represents the trigger I am talking about here, so even if you don’t plan on listening to the entire thing.

It suites as a great example of what the standalone heartbeat ASMR trigger sounds like.

Final Words

ASMR heartbeat noises

I think it’s overall a really soothing trigger and I wish it was included more in personal attention ASMR since I think it hits on the point of why we might receive the ASMR tingles in the first place

Hearing someone’s heartbeat takes me back to when I once laid with my parents or partner after a hard day at work

Knowing they were right by me was just so soothing and this ASMR trigger just takes me back to those happier and more relaxing times.

As always,

Thanks for reading

Sweet Dreams.