3 of the best ASMR Head Massage videos to put you into a better mood

I’ve spoken about plenty of similar triggers to ASMR head massage on this website before – such as ASMR scalp massage and ASMR hair play.

Though I still think this ASMR trigger still deserves its own fully-fledged post as some of the ASMR videos dedicated to this trigger deserve the spotlight.

And some of the videos are pretty unique and unlike anything else I have seen before from ASMR content on YouTube.

This is by far one of the most popular and common (in terms of what you will see from ASMR YouTubers) types of ASMR personal attention trigger.

As you can imagine, an experience like this where you’re putting your trust into another person enough so that they can make you relaxed and comfortable is going to be very personal.

The reason this type of ASMR content is so effective is that you feel what the subject is feeling.

Whilst they’re getting their head massage, you can just feel how comfortable they are beginning to feel – and it just rubs off onto you.

Allowing you to get into a much more relaxed state, even sleepy if it’s working its magic on you.

Through a mixture of noises and visual ASMR, I have no doubt you’re going to find at least one video in this list that is going to work its magic on you as they did on me.

And hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll have a new favorite ASMR video to watch that can get you sleepy and even give you ASMR tingles.

1. ASMR Head massage, scalp, face and shoulders

This creators videos for me are always so distinctive, I can always tell its one of her videos just from the thumbnail.

The main reason probably has to be all the beautiful models she is able to get to be her subject in the video – which if you’ve read anything on this site you’ll know this is an important aspect for me when it comes to ASMR.

Beautiful people, especially females are like pieces of art to me.

They are just so pleasing to look at – in a non-creepy way.

Because of this, they are always able to hit tick the visual ASMR aspect that I just crave from an ASMR video – and this is why I especially watch this creator’s videos.

And because she just does such a good job with whatever trigger she is trying to perform.

The reason that this is important for any ASMR head massage video is that you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at the head/face of the subject.

So if it can provide a level of visual ASMR for you, then this is perfect.

Now, to get back to types of sounds and visuals you can expect from this video;

With a range of ASMR sounds and ASMR visuals, you’re going to be able to get plenty of positive vibes from this video.

Allowing you too, to get comfortable just like the subject is here.

From scratching of the hair to rubbing of the shoulders, there is more than enough here (over 40 minutes) for you to get into a relaxed and comfortable mood.

Perfect for reducing the negative thoughts or getting you into a better mood for higher quality sleep.

2. Chinese Head Massage ASMR

This next video from ASMR Barber heavily focuses on the head massage, rather than combining scalp, shoulder and other massaging areas that may take away from the main focus

Immediately you can tell this guy looks so comfortable, and as someone mentions in the comments it just feels like you’re getting a massage too.

I feel its quite fortunate that this guy is bald too, so we don’t get any sounds of hair that we heard in the previous video.

This way we are able to focus on the actual head of the subject, where we will hear more skin touching noises than we would have in other videos with any subject that has hair.

Although here, I feel like the main focus is on the visuals that are being created rather than the sounds.

The visuals of this video aren’t super pleasing but, if you just look at how comfortable this guy looks, it is more than certainly able to rub off on to you.

As with most massage videos online, they manage to work their charm because the subject’s calm and comfortable energy manages to rub off onto the audience.

The only downside to this video is the talking from the masseuse

Not only is it non-ASMR friendly, since she uses a normal talking voice, it is also in another language – assuming you don’t speak Asian.

Because of this, it can be quite uncomfortable and distracting listening to her talking to her colleague – although I can see why people might enjoy this part

As I guess it adds another layer of immersion to the video – as if you were at one of the local massage places in your time.

So just a word of warning before you get comfortable with this ASMR head massage video.

ASMR Head Massage on a mannequin

If you’re looking for a more well-rounded video that, unlike the last one, then this next video will be a treat

With plenty of hand movements and ASMR sounds included, you will find that this realistic head massage and scalp video will be perfect for you if you’re looking to be put into a relaxed state.

Alongside some whispery commentary, which is more than soothing in my opinion

You will find many aspects of ASMR throughout this video, ensuring that it is ideal for many different people

With that being said, I’m sure you’ll find something in this video that you will like, whether its the scratching of hair or the comforting sounds of TingTing ASMR’s voice.

There isn’t much else to say about this ASMR head massage video – I think you just need to go experience it for yourself as it is a great example of this wonderful ASMR trigger.

Final Words

ASMR head massage

The ASMR head massage trigger is one of the best personal attention triggers you will be able to find from our little ASMR community.

It features touching, whispering and smiling subjects that just can’t get enough of the massage which they are receiving.

Seeing them be so comfortable really allows me and anyone else watching to be put into a more positive and relaxed state – which can help with sleep and even give us the tingles if we are immersed enough.

As always,

Thank you so much for reading this post!

Sweet Dreams everybody.