5 of the best ASMR hand movements videos for a visually pleasing experience

One of the major reasons as to why ASMR is so enjoyable for me, and probably why it is so effective is down to the visuals which ASMRtists are able to create in their videos.

My absolute favorite trigger within the category of visual ASMR is known as ASMR hand movements.

These are movements that can brush the camera, touch an object a certain way or generally just move around on screen for your eyes to follow.

It may sound a little strange, but it’s just so hypnotic looking at the creators’ hands when they are performing ASMR, and it has become one of my favorite parts of visual ASMR because of this.

If you’ve watched ASMR, you no doubt have already been exposed to this type of visual ASMR without even knowing it.

But perhaps you have never seen this type of ASMR trigger, because you were just focusing on something else in the video – or because you favor ASMR sounds like the majority of the community.

Either way, ASMR hand movements are an awesome trigger that I want to talk about today and show you some of my favorite videos for your bedtime playlist.

1. Dark & Relaxing ASMR Hand Movements

One of my all-time favorites from any ASMR content creator in the community and one that I have linked and shared with you many times on this website is a dark & relaxing ASMR hand movements video from Gibi ASMR.

The greyscale video just works wonders here in my opinion.

It complements the ASMR trigger perfectly, and it allows the hand movements to be hypnotic without it being too harsh on your eyes – due to the dim colors.

This is essential for any ASMR content, but I think it’s even more important for visual ASMR since all the pleasure is about watching.

So it’s not as if you could just close your eyes and enjoy the video since you’d be missing out on the experience if you did so.

From start to finish I love this video, which is unusual for anyone that consumes ASMR as you typically have a favorite point in the video.

But I just love the whole thing – and its pretty rare you can find a video like this one dedicated to just hand movements.

Although there is light whispering throughout, I think it compliments the trigger well.

And talking in ASMR videos isn’t too unusual either, you’re probably used to it occurring in almost every video out here.

2. ASMR hand movements and mouth sounds

Another awesome hand movements video – although it includes other triggers to compliment the very visual ASMR trigger is from Slight Sounds ASMR.

This video probably isn’t for everybody, as it includes mouth sounds which plenty of people find too harsh and overwhelming.

Although because she performs them in a very slow manner, I find them to be more tolerable than usual and therefore far more relaxing.

So if you’re against mouth sounds, I still encourage you to give this video a try.

With a bit of a more close up camera angle than the last video in this list, this is definitely more of a personal experience – which is really what ASMR is all about anyway.

And I think the close up works perfectly with hand movements, as a lot of the time these movements are performed in a way so that it ‘feels’ like someone is touching your face.

So it almost just adds to the personal attention ASMR in a way .

Another great video and hopefully at this point you can see as to why ASMR hand movements are one of my all-time favorite ASMR triggers.

3. ASMR Hand Movements + ASMR Breathing

This next video doesn’t contain any ASMR talking or ASMR whispering, but it does have some particularly heavy breathing throughout – which I find to be soothing if I’m honest.

Especially since breathing is the only thing we can typically hear at night if we are in bed with a loved one, so breathing in an ASMR video is always welcomed.

But to get back to the ASMR hand movements which are the focus of this article, I can confidently say Dimitri is probably one of the best creators in the game at this particular trigger.

Perhaps he just has a cozy setup going on, or he just knows that people enjoy, but I can’t help but feel hypnotized into a better mood with his hand movements every time I watch him.

It almost feels like he’s touching my face in a way, so just like the last video it feels very personal – but as I’ve mentioned this just helps me get immersed in the content.

Allowing the ASMR to truly work its magic on me by putting me into a positive mood and allowing me to get tingles.

Which to think about it, it is really weird to get tingles from visual ASMR but I think I’m just a rare case.

My tingles would probably go crazy if I went to an art gallery or something.

Overall, this is a really short video in comparison to others on this list but it is a true display of how awesome and how satisfying the ASMR hand movements trigger can be.

4. Face Touching & Hand Moments – Greyscale

Another Gibi video that I really like that includes ASMR hand movements is this next one on this list.

Featuring very close up hand movements that practically face touches, you will see once again that this is a very personal attention video.

Because of the colors used, sort of a bright greyscale.

You can actually close your eyes during this video and still enjoy the visual ASMR that is going on throughout.

If you were to watch this on your phone, close your eyes and let the brightness of her hands wash across your face.

It sounds really weird but trusts me, if you have your eyes closed and your phone facing towards you, it will feel like someone is rubbing their hand just above your face.

it’s actually really soothing and reminds me of a time when my parents would stroke my eyelashes when I was younger to get me sleepy.

I’m not sure if that’s a common thing but this is usually a memory I often go back to when I watch this video in particular.

Of course, since its a Gibi ASMR video, you can expect some talking throughout but I think this just adds an extra layer of ASMR in the form of ASMR sounds.

This just makes the video more entertaining, especially if you were to close your eyes as I suggested.

5. Relaxing hand Movements and ASMR Sounds

For this last entry on this list, I’m going to show you a video by TingTing ASMR.

It focuses on hand moments like the other video does except it contains many more triggers, including ASMR tapping, rubbing and even squishy noises from liquids.

Although this isn’t necessarily what we are looking for here, all of these create their own type of hand movements – so technically it is, in fact, an ASMR hand movements video.

Despite it being pretty different from everything else on this list.

If felt like adding it to this article though so that anyone who enjoys ASMR sounds more than visuals can still have plenty of noise to listen to whilst watching the hypnotizing hand movements.

Final Words

ASMR Hand movements

ASMR hand movements are one of my favorite all-time visual ASMR triggers and probably one of my favorite triggers in general.

I always find myself in a much better mood after watching this content, much more calm and relaxed than before I turned any of these videos on.

Although a lot of the enjoyment comes from watching the video, so you’re going to have to pay attention, I’m sure at the very least you will just be a lot more sleepy after viewing due to how hypnotic this trigger can be.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams everyone!