3 of the best ASMR haircut videos on YouTube

A sibling of mine once admitted to me that they just love getting their haircut, because it’s just a tingly and personal experience.

They are definitely someone who constantly goes to our local barbers far too often because of how much they enjoy their experience – and I think ASMR haircut videos are popular for a similar reason.

I’d compare it to personal attention ASMR in real life if I’m honest, sort of in the same vein as a massage or a doctor’s appointment.

All the attention is focused on you, and the attention is for a good reason.

In this case, the barber is trying to make you look better and more stylish.

Not to mention all the smells, feelings and even the conversations you have at the barbers which are associated with a pleasant feel.

Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the ASMR haircut videos available for you to watch right now on YouTube so that you are able to get into a relaxed mood for some quality sleep.

1. ASMR Relaxing Haircut

Starting things off with an actual haircut, yes there is actually people recording themselves performing real-world haircuts, and it’s every you’d hope it could be.

Including all the wonderful things that a haircut session as, such as bubbly sounds from the shampoo, tapping sounds of the wax and all the other awesome sounds that are created from scissors and shavers

This particular video is perfect for anyone that enjoys no talking ASMR type content – since the others on this list are going to be ASMRtist pretending to cut your hair.

Which is equally as soothing but I can understand anyone wanting to just enjoy someone actually getting their haircut instead of watching a video that pretends as if they’re getting there’s cut.

You probably won’t get the same type of personal attention feeling from this first video

But in fact, you might.

Do you know when you can just appreciate something by watching it?

Like someone giving someone else a hug, its sort of like that.

I can appreciate that someone is getting personal attention and because they look so relaxed

I feel more relaxed from it and it just hits that personal attention part of my brain which I just love from any sort of ASMR content.

What I’m trying to say is, this video is awesome.

I recommend anyone to give it a watch even if you like soft speaking or whispering in the usual ASMR videos you’d watch.

This one is just so relaxing, even with no talking.

2. ASMR haircut roleplay

If you’re looking for a more pretend version of an ASMR haircut, then this video just above is going to be more up your street.

With plenty of talking; generally talking that directs you through what she is doing as well as just random conversations, there is certainly a huge element of personal attention ASMR that makes up this video to be a great one.

I generally love random chit chat in any ASMR video I watch, as it does well to cover up any silent patches and I find whispering very relaxing

Mainly because people generally whisper as night, before they go to sleep.

So it sorts of gets you into this mood automatically, regardless of what is being said throughout these videos.

But to cover more of the video; it includes an assortment of your favorite ASMR sounds and visuals, like hand movements.

Overall this is a very in your face type video, that really gives a much needed personal attention experience after a hard day.

Especially if you’ve been feeling a little anxious, I tend to find these types of videos perfect for reducing any unwelcomed thoughts.

Overall a really awesome video, nothing super serious but still something that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an ASMR haircut video to feel relaxed too.

After all, it is a Gibi ASMR video so they’re always relaxing and tingly.

3. Fast ASMR Haircut

Straight to the point and straight to the ASMR triggers

This is a fast type ASMR video that really gets to the point of the video, although it isn’t like a roleplay like Gibi’s video.

It’s more focused on the sounds you might hear when getting your hair cut.

So a different experience altogether in my opinion, as its not much of a personal attention video as the previous two.

Although, the ASMR sounds which are showcased here make for a really tingly experience and one that can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

I’d recommend this for anyone who doesn’t mind fast triggers, I prefer slow and more deliberate type noises but I can still appreciate this type of video

Although its something I won’t fall asleep to it will at the very least put me into a relaxed state due to the nature of the ASMR sound which is featured in this piece of ASMR content.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Haircut

ASMR haircut

I can definitely see the appeal of ASMR haircut content on YouTube, as this is personally one of my favorite real-life scenarios for unexpected relaxation.

As you can see from this shortlist, there are definitely different videos for this trigger in particular – catering towards people that like a real-world experience, more personal attention focused ASMR or just faster ASMR triggers.

Overall, a really great trigger and certainly one of my all-time favorites and one I constantly recommend to people who are looking for a different type of ASMR experience.