Best 5 ASMR Hair play videos for sleep and tingles

There has to be something about ASMR hair play that just resonates with you so that you enjoy it – bringing back feelings of the past.

If you’ve ever had your hair played with before, you’ll understand just how good it feels, whether it was from your mother or from a partner – if you’ve been fortunate enough, you’ll know its a simple yet sensational experience.

What ASMR hair play does it bring back these sort of memories you once add with this activity and allow you to get into space where you can imagine it happening again.

Which in some way, feels that way when you watch someone else get their hair played with; you can imagine it to be you and that really helps.

Helping in the way of relaxation and comfort as well as getting tingles that you’ve no doubt had before when you actually experience the hair play for yourself in real life.

1. ASMR Hair Play

For me, this video is more about the visuals that it is about the sounds.

Typically you will be able to hear the sounds of hair being brushed are moved in the video, but in this one, you can’t really hear much.

Which I think is completely fine as the visuals of this video make up for it.

It definitely brings back happy memories of when my mom would sort my hair out before school or just on any general day and it was always a comforting experience.

I get this same feeling with this ASMR video in particular, and overall it makes for a relaxing video.

Especially since the ASMRtist walks you through what they are doing, so you can be even more mesmerized by the experience.

2. ASMR Hair Play and Back scratching

Featuring a lot more hair sounds and even some back scratches, this is a more well-rounded video that I think you might like.

Especially since you can see the girl from the back, you can get more of a visual experience – especially when she starts brushing the hair.

You can almost just imagine it is you getting your hair brushed if you think back to when someone has done it before to you in real life.

It just makes for such a mesmerizing experience.

I absolutely love these videos.

The back-scratching is also a super nice addition since I used to also get my back scratched when my mom used to play with my hair, so I think it just rounds out the overall video.

And definitely brings back some welcomed memories which really does help to put me in a relaxed and sleepy state.

3. ASMR Hairplay & Rambles

If you’re looking for a more rambly video than the previous two, then this video from FrivolousFox will be perfect for you.

I’m really into any sort of talking when it comes to ASMR, even if it is pointless rambling; but I think there is a good mixture here.

Not to mention the fact that the creator uses a 3DIO to catch the sounds, so there a little more sensitive too which I think creates for a more hypnotic experience.

Overall, this ASMR hair play video is just what I look for in most ASMR videos.

Something with a trigger and some added ASMR whispering on top really allows me to get a great experience – effortlessly putting me in a relaxed mood.

Hopefully, you can find as much enjoyment out of this video as I can.

4. ASMR Relaxing Hairplay, Brushing and Scalp massage

I think overall this makes for a great ASMR hair play video as it includes so many other things that make sense to be here.

Such as brushing and a scalp massage; these are all things I’ve experienced when having my hair played with over the years – especially when I was younger.

And it makes for a welcome addition here as its both relaxing and visually pleasing to watch.

Especially watching the face of the subject appear to be so relaxed.

I can’t help but just feel like I really want to be sat in that chair and I wish it was me who ASMR Darling was performing this relaxation session on.

Though, I can put myself in her position as I’ve experienced something similar and it just makes for a relaxing video to watch.

Again another great thing about this video is that Darling walks you through what she is doing, which I think is always a great way of filling up any silence and allow the viewer to get a bit more of an immersive experience.

Not to mention the extra sounds which can be created with the words she says.

5. ASMR Hairplay, brushing and back tracing

One of the most popular ASMR hair play videos on YouTube, one really one of the best in this sort of ASMR category.

It contains some beautifully mesmerizing hair brushing that really brings back memories for when anyone used to brush my hair.

Along with the words the creators speak, by telling us what she is doing, I think it really helps to add some extra noise to the video which allows the video not to become so stale with the same noises.

After the hair brushing there is plenty of backtracing which is just so visually pleasing to me I can’t explain it.

It sort of in the same vein as watching someone get a massage.

I can almost feel them feeling so comfortable so then I feel exactly the same too; its a really weird thing but its as if their relaxed state is pushed on to me through the video – it really does help me get sleepy.

If you don’t understand, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out what I’m talking about.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Hair play

ASMR hair play

It is certainly a tingly experience, especially when creators add in extra brushing or backtracing to the video.

But I think the reason its such a loved ASMR trigger is because it brings back memories of when people used to get their hair played with by a parent or a loved one.

And they can pretty much relive that experience – in a way – with these types of ASMR videos.

A truly magical experience that a simple video on YouTube can bring back these relaxing feelings once again – helping us with our sleep or even giving us the ASMR tingles we might once have had.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.