3 of the best ASMR girlfriend videos for comfort

Throughout the community, ASMR girlfriend videos are considered to be a widely popular type of ASMR roleplay and I’d imagine is amongst the top 5 most popular types of ASMR roleplay videos.

The reason they are so popular is for a couple of reasons, taken from my own thoughts as well as what they offer to specific people in the community.

Let’s get into it.

Why are ASMR girlfriend roleplay videos so popular?

There are quite a few reasons as to why I believe this type of roleplay exists and I think its quite unique, meaning no other roleplay really fills this particular type of social void.

if you compare it to widely popular ASMR doctor roleplays on YouTube, they do give you some personal attention, as you can imagine an ASMR girlfriend would but they are also widely popular because they are of a unique situation

You never ever may need to go to the doctor’s office to experience what a cranial nerve exam feels like – but with ASMR you can freely experience this.

To some degree, of course, these are just roleplaying after all.

ASMR girlfriends do in fact fill that sort of void, in the sense that people haven’t experienced being so in love with someone else that they are constantly receiving compliments.

But I still don’t think this is the main reason why people are constantly going back and requesting more of these videos.

I believe it fills a lonely part of us since we are social creatures after all.

And we all need loving, especially if we’re feeling anxious or full of stress after a hard day at work it can be beneficial and even important for a loved one to tell us we are doing okay.

This I suspect is why many people, males specifically, go back to these types of videos.

That and the fact that I believe people in general never have the ability to hold one’s attention for so long, but with this type of ASMR roleplay, all the attention is on you – and it can be a very welcomed experienced to feel loved and knowing that this particular girl has her eyes on you.

Though a lot of this is just my theory and my own thoughts – I do believe there is some truth to it and I believe that these reasons make up as to why this type of ASMR roleplay is so popular within the ASMR community.

If you’re curious as to what these roleplays intail, I’ve created a shortlist which contains some of the community favorites

Feel free to check them out and hopefully you can get a comforting tingly experience from them.

1. Loving ASMR girlfriend roleplay

The scenario of this one is that you’re laid on a bed with your ‘ASMR girlfriend’ where she comforts you after a hard day at work.

With all the triggers you could expect from this type of personal attention ASMR, such as trigger words like baby and I love you – along with hand movements to add a bit more variety.

Rose has a really comforting voice and a feel intentioned smile.

What I mean by that is she generally seems happy knowing she can make other people (men) comfortable whether that is due to a hard day at work or school or whatever It maybe.

Making this roleplay far more enjoyable than you could imagine – and that’s coming from a girl.

I watched it all the way through and despite it not really being for me, I still found it to be a comforting experience and an experience that wasn’t too intense either.

Intensity is important to mention here as these types of these videos can seem very sexual – but this one is just perfectly innocent and relaxing.

I recommend this one to all of my friends if they ever question about ASMR roleplays as I think this is a great, not so serious example of a good ASMR girlfriend roleplay.

2. ASMR Girlfriend cuts your hair

This scenario is in the realm of ASMR haircut roleplay, which I’ve spoken about previously on this site.

Combining both ASMR girlfriend and ASMR haircuts, in essence to different triggers is obviously not uncommon but I think this one is really creative.

As generally the way these types of ASMR personal attention videos go is that you have an ‘ASMR girlfriend’ and they just shower you in compliments till you fall asleep.

This is all fine, but I can imagine this concept gets a little boring after a while and with this video on the list, the creator has mixed it up a little bit.

You still get the same amount of personal attention, even more so since someone is physically taking care of you.

But you also get the closeness of having a girlfriend, which is just another experience with itself – as previously mentioned there is no love like a partner’s love.

Overall this is a great video for anyone looking for this type of ASMR.

Since the video is more like audio, as there is nothing really to look at on the screen – this is more than perfect to fall asleep too.

Closing your eyes knowing you’re not going to miss anything (visually) and you are able to enjoy the audio whilst getting into a natural sleepy state.

Which is quite rare I think with ASMR videos, as generally, I don’t like looking away incase I must some soothing visual triggers.

Anyway, on to the next.

3. ASMR Sleepy Girlfriend Roleplay

A very short video but one that I think will deeply help anyone feeling lonely and looking to get a good night’s rest.

This particular video is orientated around your ASMR girlfriend who is sleepy, encouraging you to go to sleep with her – which if you read the comments is an uncommon experience for many.

And as I first spoke about, I think this really fills a void in many hearts.

So videos like these, especially innocent ones like this one, are very much needed – even required for some people so that they can get the rest they need.

As I said, this is a short video, so if you’re looking to get a quick fix of ASMR and not feel so alone in your bed

Then this is the one video I’d recommend – it’s so soothing yet so innocent and do be honest It has helped me some nights.

When I’m feeling especially lonely it can be nice to know someone else is there next to you

Obviously, they are not and this is just a video but with some enthusiasm, you can almost put yourself into the scenario and allow yourself to imagine that you aren’t so alone.

Generally, a video like this is best watched if you’re already sleepy and relaxed – as this just helps to reinforce those feelings rather than to truly encourage it onto you.

if it were a little longer, say 20 minutes, I think it would be a really great video to put you into a relaxed state needed for sleep.

Regardless, It’s a great video and especially awesome for anyone feeling a little lonely before they drift off to sleep.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Girlfriend content on YouTube

ASMR girlfriend

These are some of my favorites – a lot of input from friends on this one though as they aren’t really directed to me but I was still able to find enjoyment from all of them despite that.

Overall, I can understand why people enjoy this type of ASMR content since it fills a particularly unique social void that is somewhat hard to fulfill – especially if we’re going through a bad patch.

Although I would say that you should not overindulge in this sort of content, it is okay now and again but I think watching too much of this type of content will do more harm than good in the long run…

Leaving you even more lonely than before.

At the very least use it to help you to relax and get some sleep now and again.

As always, thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.