4 mesmerizing ASMR Feet videos for your entertainment

I’m going to be honest, I really dislike feet.

So writing this ASMR feet article is really troubling for me but I still want to cover this quirky ASMR trigger since It seems like there is a minority (a small one at that) within the ASMR community that finds some form of enjoyment from this trigger.

So it is within my duty, being one of the best sources of ASMR content online, to write about this very ASMR trigger.

No matter how stranges it seems to me.

Obviously a lot of the appeal from this trigger is when perhaps we were a lot younger when our parents used to treat us to massages, sometimes including our feet

This perhaps is strange to many of my readers but this is a thing I’ve experienced once or twice during this time.

And obviously, these times were very relaxing for me since all the attention is on me and I get to lay there and worry about nothing at all for the time being.

I mean it’s not like I had much to worry about at that age, but you get my point.

So that’s probably why a lot of people like watching these videos, as it brings us back to these times -even if we are watching someone else receive this treatment.

There’s also something about watching someone receiving an ASMR massage that really takes an effect on us in a positive way – as I’ve mentioned in the past in my ‘3 of the best ASMR Head Massage videos to put you into a better mood‘ article.

Their calming energy due to the massage which they are receiving, whether that’s on their head or their feet, someone how transfers over to me.

Allowing me to also feel calm and relaxed thanks to how calm and relaxed they feel.

It’s a weird concept but I’m completely serious here, I just feel so great watching someone else get put into a better mood.

I feel a similar way with these ASMR feet videos, despite how much I like them in comparison to other massage orientated triggers.

Anyway, let’s get into some of the best ASMR feet videos for relaxation

Thanks to the help of the ASMR community for these entries, I couldn’t bare to watch many of these ASMR feet videos myself…

Let’s get into this list!

1. ASMR Foot Massage for client

Here’s a great example of what I’m trying to show you with this ASMR feet trigger – someone getting a relaxing foot massage.

With no talking, music or any other sort of interfering sounds, this is by far one of the most relaxing ASMR videos you will be able to find that only feature the ASMR trigger in question.

A lot of creators like to mix other triggers in just to give the video some variation but that can be pretty annoying if you’re looking for a specific ASMR trigger only – so this video is just great overall.

As I’ve mentioned, these videos are particularly soothing for me as I can almost feel the sleepy energy of the person receiving the massage, and I think this ASMR video shows this off perfectly.

Even the title suggests that the person who was receiving the ASMR feet massage had a drift off to sleep during the process.

Which really just allows me to get even more comfortable and sleepy, knowing they feel the same way.

2. ASMR Feet – Normal ASMR but without hands!

This is more of a weirder side to the ASMR feet trigger I’m showcasing in this article and I really think its for a specific niche audience, rather it is not for everyone like ASMR tapping can be.

A lot of the traction probably comes from people who have some form of attraction to feet, as many seem to – these people will find this type of ASMR much more enjoyable.

In comparison to people like meet who either don’t care or actually hate looking at feet.

This video specifically doesn’t really have any massaging involved and rather its sort of like a regular ASMR video, using props to create ASMR sounds but instead, the creator uses her feet as hands.

Certainly a weird video in itself, but one that still fits within the ASMR feet trigger – and certainly one that has been recommended to me from people who love this ASMR trigger.

3. ASMR Relaxing Foot Massage

Back to an ASMR video that displays all the great things about this ASMR trigger – here is another foot massage video that you may like, similar to the first video on this list.

Though it includes some light whispering noises that some of you will prefer, as it covers up some of the silence that will usually be pretty apparent in any sort of massage video you will find on YouTube.

I think what makes this one a little more special is that it’s between a girl and her friend, rather than an employee and the customer.

So, you can see more of a connection between the two, or at least feel it since its just a more personal experience since they know each other.

4. ASMR Pedicure

This one slightly different from the other foot massages on this list as this is more of a self foot massage, meaning that ASMR Gina Carla is doing this on her own feet rather than someone else doing it for her.

But I think it provides a level of comfort in the way in which we feel comfortable when we watching people perform tasks, especially when they are really concentrating and seem to care about the end result.

Similar to the ASMR studying trigger which you may or may not have seen before, a lot of the enjoyment out of those types of videos comes from knowing how much the ASMR appears to be concentrating on the task.

By the amount they care, it just makes us feel so much more relaxed watching them do it.

I’m not sure why, and it sounds crazy if you’ve never watched something like this before but it really does work.

And this self pedicure video is a great example of what I’m talking about – the one linked just above.

To Summarize

ASMR feet

Overall, the ASMR feet trigger is a little strange and is certainly only going to be enjoyed by a small amount of the ASMR community, though I still think it can be enjoyed for what it is…

A very personal ASMR trigger that can easily put anyone in a more relaxed and sleep mode – though you really do have to like the sight of feet to find any enjoyment what so ever from this type of ASMR trigger.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.