5 of the greatest ASMR Ear to Ear videos for nighttime comfort

ASMR ear to ear is more a style of ASMR than it is an ASMR trigger, though it can be seen as both – it really doesn’t matter if I’m honest

As long as you are able to find it on YouTube – who really cares what category it falls under.

But if you’re unsure what ASMR ear to ear is, then I’ll try to best describe it to you right here before we get into some of the best ear to ear ASMR videos for relaxation and overall tingly experience.

Ear to ear ASMR usually involves the 3DIO microphone, though it can be done with other sound capturing devices it is often easier to get the effect with dedicated left and right ear microphone already setup.

Essentially, ear to ear ASMR can include any ASMR trigger you like, whether that’s ASMR tapping, ASMR page turning or something more along the lines of simple mouth audio like ASMR singing.

Whatever it is, the effect is ensuring you go from ear to ear when you create this noise.

The point of this is that it feels like the sound is moving around the audience’s head as if you’re standing over them making the noise.

This creates a wonderful effect in my opinion and just adds some variation to a lot of the mono-sounding ASMR videos out there that can get a little boring as the placement of the sound becomes predictable.

With this style of ASMR, you can also create a lot of depth, meaning you can create the ASMR sound in question seem so far away or as close as you want.

Again, adding variation to the entire ASMR trigger and ensuring that it is a fun and tingly experience for all.

If this sounds like a style of ASMR you think you might be interested in, then keep on reading as I can over some of the very best ASMR ear to ear videos for an overall tingly and relaxing experience.

1. ASMR Ear to Ear deep attention

This video is a great example of what ear to ear ASMR looks like when you use a microphone that isn’t the 3DIO – or the slight knock-off versions of this microphone.

Each microphone is this video as been set up to represent a single ear, from your left to right respectively.

This allows the creator, Gibi ASMR, to provide attention to which side of the ear she wants, depending on where she chooses to make the noises.

Generally, in these videos, you will see the creator create a sound in one ear and then move on to the other, but they sometimes just play about with them as it doesn’t have to follow a strick left to right or right to left movement.

A lot of the enjoyment that is received from this trigger is hearing the different levels of volume from the same ASMR trigger.

One single set of ASMR gum chewing noises can sound so different as they move from ear to ear, allowing for much more variation as it creates way more sounds than it would if you were to only play the noises into a single microphone.

Because each microphone represents one ear, the ASMRtist can provide a high level of attention to each – allowing you to get a much more intense experience.

Which is what Gibi ASMR is doing in this video just above.

Overall, a great and intense example of the ASMR ear to ear trigger.

2. Ear to ear ASMR Whispering and Mouth Sounds

This is a bit more of a controlled example of the ASMR trigger that is ear to ear ASMR, as ASMR Darling goes back and forth between the microphones to create the ear to ear effect that I’m talking about.

Although it is a simpler video as it only includes whispering and some mouth sounds (which are generally created from talking/whispering) it is still somewhat intense.

As all of these ear to ear videos are since it includes a lot of attention on you, very deep attention in fact which I can imagine some people can find too intense.

You will also see in this video about what I mean when simple sounds can so different depending on which direction the ASMRtist takes when talking, whether they’re moving left or right you can really hear the difference in sound.

And it really does feel like she’s moving around your head when creating these ASMR sounds.

Sort of like 8D audio I talk about in my ASMR music article.

3. Ear to Ear ASMR trigger words

With this next video, you will see it features the 3DIO microphone which I’ve mentioned quite a few times in this article, and for good reason.

I mean just look at it in this next video linked just above, it’s literally designed as a set of ears – so it makes it perfect for those creators who are looking to give an ear to ear ASMR experience to their viewers

Which is probably why Merona ASMR purchased this microphone in the first place.

Another simple video but one that carries the same amount of intensity as before, even more so know with a specially designed microphone.

Merona repeats favorable ASMR trigger words throughout the entirety of the video – along with some light whispering in between.

ASMR trigger words are one of the most common ways of giving anyone ASMR tingles, and it is the perfect trigger to go along with this type of ASMR as words can make so many unexpected.

Not to mention words alone provide us with a personal experience, for obvious reasons that I probably don’t need to mention.

And because of the way the microphone is designed, the ASMRtist is deep in your ear, offering you even more personal attention ASMR.

This plays a big part in getting the audience relaxed and hopefully tingling, no matter the ASMR trigger being performed.

4. ASMR Ear to Ear Blowing

I don’t think I’ve talked about ASMR ear blowing just yet on this blog, though I think its an interesting trigger and one that could possibly sooth someone into a relaxed mood.

A lot of its appeal is to do with just being some form of noise that isn’t too off-putting – depending on how hard to ASMRtist blows into their microphone.

Though whatever my opinion is on it, I still think it makes for an awesome ASMR ear to ear video which you can find just above these last couple of paragraphs.

The reason it works so well is that the ASMR blowing, just like the other triggers featured in the other videos on this list, works so well with the ear to ear concept, as it feels like the wind is almost been blown around your head.

Which is a really cool effect in my opinion.

I think the other sounds however in these videos are much more soothing and something like ASMR blowing to me just feels like it is there to fill up the background noise.

Sort of like raindrops in an ASMR video (which have been put there by the creator post-production) as a way to cover up some of the more silent parts of the video.

Sounds like these are appreciated if you’re concentrating on really getting into the zone without being too mesmerized by the fun noises of ASMR or the ASMR creator itself.

In this case, the ASMR sound just offers background noise which you play in your earphones whilst you try to get the sleep you deserve.

This works because any sound, no matter what, generally blocks out any thoughts in your head; as it’s hard to concentrate on both.

And I feel this is why this video is amongst my favorite ASMR ear to ear videos.

5. ASMR Ear to Ear and ASMR Hand Movements

This next video is a similar video to ones already on this list as its other creator using two different microphones that represent the left and right ear.

Which is how she has managed to work the ear to ear technique into her video, but she does something a little different that I absolutely love and that you guys also might like.

With the addition of hand movements to this already very up close and personal style of ASMR trigger, this becomes such a more personal ASMR type of video that I can really get behind.

Sometimes adding too many types of ASMR sounds and techniques can spoil the main focus of the video but I think in this case the creator really just adds to the overall experience of the ASMR trigger.

And personal attention like hand movements just works perfectly here in my opinion.

Certainly, a welcomed ASMR trigger that really does work with the ASMR ear to ear technique.

Final Words

asmr ear to ear

As I established in the beginning, I believe the ASMR ear to ear trigger is more of a technique than a trigger itself but that shouldn’t take away from just how awesome these videos are.

From ASMR trigger words to ASMR blowing, creators can let their creativity flow when using this ear to ear technique and these videos show this off perfectly.

As always,

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams.