4 awesome ASMR ear massage videos for your comfort

ASMR ear massage, one of the most satisfying ASMR triggers that you can watch from many of your favorite ASMR creators.

It contains many different triggers intertwined within, such as brushing and tapping which all come in the form of different intensity levels – but this allows the trigger to be for many different viewers.

Personally I like softer triggers, so there is plenty of ASMR ear massage videos that feature exactly that.

And on the other end of the spectrum are more intense ear massage videos, which are also available from a wide range of creators.

So much so, you might find a new favorite ASMRtist in this list of ASMR ear massage videos.

Let’s find out…

1. ASMR Ear Massage and Personal Attention ASMR (Whispered)

Let’s start things off as we usually start one of these ASMR trigger orientated articles.

With one of Gibi’s awesome ASMR videos!

As in my opinion, she just showcases every ASMR trigger perfectly and she’s always a source I like to point to for my friends and anyone else in the community when they are looking to find out what a particular trigger feels like to listen too.

Now, as you can imagine, an ASMR ear massage is very intense in the way that there is a lot of close sounding sounds going on at the same time.

Whether they are soft or harsh – it doesn’t matter.

These types of videos will feel very personal, just like most ASMR videos you’ll watch.

And this one is no different.

If you’re someone who enjoys personal attention ASMR, you’ll enjoy this one even more since personal attention goes perfectly with this type of trigger.

Gibi has included some wonderful whispering sounds to allow you to get comfy.

Because of this, it has become a video I really love to go back to whenever I’m seeking urgent comfort and reassurance.

2. ASMR Ear Massage with Lotion

Next on this list is a more intense version of the ASMR ear massage trigger.

This one includes lotion sounds, which as you can imagine can be very intense, especially when pressed into a binaural microphone.

As Frivi is using here – a 3DIO in fact if you’re wondering.

With plenty of whispers thrown into the mix to keep things personal and add an element of softness to them.

You’ll slowly understand why this is such a great trigger.

Despite its intensity, it is very hypnotizing and always seems to get me into a more relaxed state.

Even if the lotion sound is pretty harsh.

As this is a pretty intense experience, I will let you know now that this version of the ASMR ear massage is not for everyone – but I would still recommend it, even if you like listening to more softer triggers.

Because as I’ve said, it truly is a hypnotizing experience and one that can allow you to take your mind of the negatives of the day and get you into a much better mental state.

3. ASMR Brain Massage (No Talking)

Kicking things up a notch with this next video in terms of intensity.

The levels of intensity from the previous video look super soft compared to what you may hear here.

As the creator uses a range of different ‘ear covers’ you can expect to find different sounds and levels of intensity throughout the video.

Because they are covers, as you can imagine, the sounds are very much in your ear so this can be quite an intense experience for anyone with good headphones or earphones.

I can understand why some people don’t like this, but it really feels like some great personal attention.

Despite the lack of audio, the creator has added to the video.

It just feels almost like you get a body massage, except its just around your ears.

So the appreciation for how close it feels is still there.

A truly unique experience in my opinion and is one of the reasons why this trigger has become so popular on YouTube.

and for the fact that so many other ASMR triggers like ASMR sound or ASMR visuals can be mixed in to keep things fresh.

Allowing the audience to keep discovering new ASMR content which they can endlessly enjoy.

4. ASMR Close Up Ear Massage

For the final video on this, I’m going to present to you another more personal attention ASMR focused type video.

It includes all the great things I love about personal attention ASMR, which is close up whispers and object sounds.

This allows for some vary throughout the video but makes it so that you can get comfortable with all sorts of personal sounds.

I use the word personal because they are so close to you in retrospect.

Or at least they feel that way with some headphones on and your ears closed.

Due to the different objects in this video, as well as the way ASMR Glow is using them.

Find more videos like this on the official ASMR Glow YouTube Channel.

You can find many different sounds ranging from intense to soft – which makes it a great watch if you’re unsure yet as to what sorts of ASMR sounds work for you

In the way of getting you relaxed as well as giving you those euphoric ASMR tingles.

On top of all this, if you’re familiar with ASMR Glow‘s content you know that her videos are always very visually pleasing, just from the lighting and her beautiful face.

This may sound weird but just trust, it’s like looking at art when I watch her create her ASMR videos

There just something so satisfying and visually pleasing with her ASMR videos that I don’t really find with any other creator

So there is that if you’re someone like me who enjoys visual ASMR.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Ear massage videos

ASMR ear massage videos

ASMR ear massage isn’t exactly its own unique trigger, like a few triggers I’ve spoken about on this site its more so a combination of other triggers that are prominent in many ASMR videos on YouTube

Such as tapping, clicking, crunching and many more.

Though, I do feel it brings an added element of personal attention along with it, so for that reason, I still think its one of the best types of ASMR triggers to get comfortable too.

Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to relax a little before bedtime; any one of these videos (depending on your intensity tolerance) can be perfect for just that.

As always,

Thanks for reading!

Sweet Dreams.