3 intense ASMR Ear licking videos for ASMR tingle immunity

One of the more strange but tingly ASMR triggers you can find creators performing on their YouTube channels is ASMR ear licking.

This intense and strangely popular trigger is just as it sounds.

Ear licking, but for the purpose of ASMR.

As you could probably guess, the experience is very intense and one that is probably only liked by a minority of the ASMR community.

Unlike other ASMR triggers than can be softened by the technique or the items used in the video, ear licking is always going to be intense because of the natural wet sounds you’re able to create with your tongue.

And because usually this trigger is performed on binaural ASMR microphones like a 3DIO – so it feels very close.

So close in fact, if you ever listen to it for the first time it really does feel like someone is licking your ear.

A really surreal feeling.

I’m not a huge fan of this trigger, and its one I wouldn’t really listen to if I was looking to get some sleep.

But I understand that people still find it satisfying to watch and listen, so I’ve compiled a great list here for you so that you potentially find a video that you can watch to at least experience this trigger.

1. ASMR Ear Eating 3DIO

A lot of these videos are much of the same.

Typically licking the same microphone.

But I guess a lot of it comes down to basic technique of how they actually do the ear licking.

This can seem a little strange but its the only real variation you can find with these videos.

A lot of what changes are the visuals, whether that’s the background, the lighting or just having a different creator perform the trigger.

As you may or may not know, I enjoy ASMR Glow’s content because of how beautiful she is – she really hits the visual ASMR aspect for me.

So no matter what she is doing, it’s just always soothing to watch.

This can be the same for these types of video, you may prefer to watch a particular creator perform this trigger in front of you because of how their actions make you feel.

And that’s completely fine in my opinion.

That’s why it’s great having a constantly growing community.

There are many creators we can watch and experience ASMR from.

Some creators we’ll enjoy and others won’t.

And the same goes for this particular trigger.

Now for me, I think Tangerin has created a wonderful video here.

Not only is she entertaining to watch herself but she also includes plenty of intense and nonintense ear licking which I can imagine can be pretty hard to do.

She mixes in some hand movements to balance out the harsh sound of the licking but overall I think this is a great video to watch if you’re unfamiliar with the trigger.

2. ASMR Ear Licking and Sucking

ASMR ear licking

Frivolous is one of my favorite creators on the platform.

A lot of her popularity is down to these types of videos like ASMR ear licking.

I think she combines both words, tapping, and the actual ear licking trigger perfectly together to ensure a comfortable experience for all.

I never really found any of these videos to be too intense, despite how harsh the trigger can be and overall they are comforting to listen to if you’re trying to relax.

With a combination of wet licking noises and sort of sucking noises, this can be a really weird video (just like the rest of them on this list) for someone to walk in on.

But honestly, have no shame – I can really see why people enjoy this trigger as its weirdly satisfying.

Especially since its something you’ll never experience outside of a YouTube video it sort of has that unique appeal that many triggers like tapping and clicking do not have.

As you potentially hear these sounds every day.

Whereas something like ear licking you do not.

Unless you own a cat.

3. ASMR Ear Eating Twin Edition

To continue on with another Frivolous video, and to end this list

I want to share with you a twin ear eating video she has created as this is probably as unique as you can get with ASMR ear licking.

Also as you can imagine, it is far more intense than any other video you have seen this trigger used.

As it includes the ear eating but on both sides of the microphone.

This way your ears never getting any rest from the intense sounds which I can imagine some people like.

Generally, these sounds are really good for people looking to get ASMR tingles as the intensity allows you to experience something that you just haven’t quite heard before in your very own ears.

As strange as that sounds, I find it to be true with videos like these.

So, if you’re looking to step the intensity up a notch and perhaps you want to finally get those tingles our little community can’t stop talking about

Then listening to this last video on the list might be a great idea.

Though I wouldn’t put it on if you’re looking to get some sleep unless you’re experienced with this type of intensity that comes with ASMR ear licking videos

As I have no doubt it will probably keep you awake due to the harshness.

But it’s all about experimenting at the end of the day with ASMR content like this, so give it a go and see how you feel!

Maybe you’ve just found your new favorite ASMR trigger, who knows!

Final Words on Ear Licking ASMR

Ear licking ASMR ear licking

ASMR ear licking is a really strange trigger – form just how intense it sounds to how awkward it is to watch in plenty of cases.

Although it has helped me get tingles, so I shouldn’t bash on it too much.

It sort of has a form of a sexual element to it as many members of the community believe but overall, I think its a pretty harmless trigger and plenty of people enjoy it in the way of giving them an intense and unique ASMR experience like no other.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams.