Top 7 ASMR Ear Cleaning videos for your pleasure

ASMR Ear cleaning is generally performed with a 3DIO microphone, due to the foam ear design these microphones have been manufactured with – which helps with the immersion – especially effective if you’re into visual ASMR like me.

Surprisingly this type of microphone helps with the sounds the ASMRtist creates since you can get more of a realistic range of noises due to ears being shaped like actual ears.


Back to ear cleaning itself.

What is Ear Cleaning ASMR?

asmr ear cleaning

As I’ve said about the microphones just now, the ASMRtist usually performs cleaning techniques around these foam ears – with whatever it is that might be – wipes and brushes are the usual type of items used but are not limited to this.

The main reason I find (and many in the community find) that this ASMR is satisfying is that its almost like personal attention but for your ears, some of the sounds can be pretty intense since they are being performed so close to the microphones but I’ve always enjoyed this type of ASMR trigger and I think you will too.

Especially if you’re looking for a different form of ASMR personal attention that’s more to do with object sounds rather than trigger words of affirmation.

Top 7 Ear Cleaning ASMR videos

If you’ve either watched this type of trigger before or you haven’t yet experienced this unique type of personal attention ASMR then check out the videos from the list below – perhaps you can find something to stick onto your sleeping playlist for tonight.

1. Twin Ear Cleaning

I think this was one of the very first videos I ever got tingles from if I remember correctly. (Thank you Rapunzel ASMR!!)

Perhaps its because with this video you have double personal attention from two people – well the same person but just the way the video has been created it appears this way.

you have a range of different triggers going on in both ears, so it’s very unpredictable in a way that helps you from getting bored – or overused to one type of trigger that they are using.

Twin ASMR is a really creative and clever solution to the obvious problem where an ASMRrtist can only pay attention to one ear at a time.

Certainly, one to check out if you’re looking for double eared action.

2. ASMR Ear Cleaning – Massage, Brushing, Cupping

Poki ASMR does a great job of combining both whispering and ear cleaning into one video, to the point where I think she has a perfect balance, especially if you enjoy a bit of variety when it comes to ASMR videos.

I’m not sure if it counts as ear cleaning but her ear cupping was what got me into that particular trigger as it sounds so cool and feels very realistic as if your own ears were being cupped by a pair of hands.

Overall this is a great ASMR ear cleaning video if you’re looking for something with a little more variety.

Some of the sounds are pretty intense but that feels like a general standard for ASMR videos, especially of this type of trigger where the creator, as mentioned earlier, is up close and personal.

3. ASMR Roleplay – Mommy Cleans your Ears

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not really into RP ASMR but I think this an enjoyable experience even with that being said.

Firstly, it almost brings back memories to when your own mother used to clean your ears – which I think with ASMR is a great feeling because a lot of the reason you may get tingles is because you remember the way you were treated when you were younger, such as being massaged by your mother or father to sleep – which can bring about such a euphoric feeling.

On top of this, this video was not bad with a 3DIO, which is unique within itself for an ear cleaning video but I think Karuna Satori does a great job of offering plenty of personal attention while you feel as though your ears are being cleaned throughout the video.

Overall, a great ASMR ear cleaning video, perfect for your relaxing playlist.

4. Simple ASMR Ear Cleaning Video

You don’t often get close up shots of the 3DIO foam ears like this, so whenever I get the chance to watch such a video – I never fail to click on it.

This has something to do with the fact I just love visual ASMR, so it might not make a difference to you but It really adds another layer of enjoyment – so on that note alone I’d recommend this video to you.

With only 4 different tools used throughout this video, if you’re someone who likes a simpler style, then a video like this should be in your playlist as there will be no surprises since you’re mostly going to know what you’re going to get.

Predictable videos like this one are perfect if you’re serious about getting sleep as you can calmly enjoy the video without being to alert as to what may be happening next.

5. Ultimate Ear Cleaning

With a range of tools being used, this is one of my favorite videos out of all ASMR content purely because of how different each sound is.

ASMR zeitgeist has a way of making high-quality content that works for ASMR, visually they are always pleasing to watch so as I always say, this just adds an extra layer onto the whole ear cleaning experience.

Now back to the ear cleaning in the video, if you love very intense and rough sounds, then this is going to be perfect for you – and if you’re someone looking for a lengthy video as appose to some of the other shorter 20 minute videos included in this list – then this is worth checking out.

6. ASMR Deep Ear Cleaning

Another intense experience but one that is so visually pleasing is an ASMR dep ear cleaning from ASMRMagic.

IN a similar vein as the previous video, this typical piece of ear cleaning ASMR features a wide range of intense yet effective objects that will feel as if your ears have never been cleaner.

If you’re looking for an even longer video that features some wonderfully intense noises, then checking out this one tonight will sure to put you into a sleepy state and with the wide range of objects, who knows, perhaps you’ll find one that can give you the much desired ASMR tingles.

7. ASMR Ear Cleaning

Finally, to finish up this list, I want to direct your attention to an even more unique look at ear cleaning.

Since it features both ears on-screen at the same angle (you might have to watch the video to see what I mean) you can hear all types of different sounds in both ears, which allows for an overall more enjoyable experience since both of your ears can feel the attention at the same time.

Sort of like how twin ASMR works.

Another great example of ASMR ear cleaning ASMR video to add to your playlist and one that I think you’ll find something you like objective-wise within – as its the same as the others in the sense that it includes so many different objects to hopefully give you the tingles you’re looking for.

Final Words

Overall, I think deep ear cleaning is a great little alternative to your typical personal attention videos that feature an assortment of mouth sounds; so this is definitely something you should look into if you like those sorts of videos already.

Some people dislike the tense sounds of ear cleaning but I think they’re brain-melting and are perfect if you want to listen to something before you log off for the night to get yours into the relaxing and sleepy mood.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,