4 awesomely tingly ASMR doctor roleplay videos to cure your insomnia

Similar to how to other ASMR roleplay videos go, ASMR doctor roleplay content on YouTube focuses a lot on the triggers around what you may find in your favorite personal attention ASMR video.

This is not unimaginable since if you’ve ever been to the doctors before, all of their attention is on you at that very moment, perhaps not for long but it’s still on you.

This is the direction the ASMR creator usually takes when coming up with their doctor roleplay.

There is no real specific type of ASMR doctor roleplay we’ll be focusing on today, as they are many and usually, it’s just down to how creative the ASMRtist really is – but regardless of what the focus point is

ASMR doctor roleplay videos are always a great relaxing experience and is certainly one of the more widely known types of ASMR roleplay due to,as I said, it’s personal attention focus point.

Let’s get into some of the best ASMR doctor roleplay videos on YouTube – for both your relaxation and your entertainment.

1. ASMR Dermatologist Fixes your Skin

This one is as great as any other ASMR doctor roleplay I’ve ever seen on Youtube as it includes plenty of whispery questions, hand movements and tapping that I just love when watching ASMR.

ANd more importantly when it comes to personal attention ASMR – it includes all the great triggers that make up these types of ASMR videos.

With a realistic roleplay – although I’ve never been to the dermatologist I can imagine the questions Madi ASMR asks as well as the way she explains what she is doing throughout his how these appointments might go.

Since this is a 20-minute video, which I’d say is about average for ASMR content, this is a great video to fall asleep to.

Even if you’re not feeling tired yet before you start watching.

It’s long enough and relaxing enough for you to be in a sleepy state by the end of the video.

Just to note, there is some light tracing at the beginning of the video – which isn’t the greatest thing to watch when you’re trying to get to sleep but

This happens at the very start so by the time, later in the video, when you feel sleepy, there will be less harsh trigger being used.

ASMRtist tend to use more intense triggers at the beginning of their videos so that they can fulfill the needs of those that like them but to also make sure that by the time you’re sleepy and relaxed, they are only using gentle triggers to sooth you

Which will obviously give you a better experience

2. Hearing test – ASMR doctor roleplay

ASMR doctor roleplay

Since this particular doctor roleplay is orientated around a hearing test, you can obviously aspect a range of ASMR sounds that could give you the tingles.

But at the very least can put you into a relaxed state for sleep time.

I’m more into whispering than soft speaking – as this one includes soft speaking I just wanted to warn you, as this can be a lot louder when in comparison to whispering

Although it isn’t as loud as normal talking, certainly I find it more difficult to fall asleep to – so I use videos like these to get me relaxed and entertain me a little before I turn over to something less intense.

But hey, if you’re someone who loves soft speaking, then this video will be perfect.

Overall, this particular video contains some unique ASMR triggers that you may have never heard before as well as some of the community favorites.

I’m more than confident you’ll at least find part of this video relaxing and tingly, and if not then there are plenty more videos on this list for you to check out and try.

And hopefully, In the end, find an ASMR doctor roleplay for your enjoyment.

3. ASMR Eye doctor roleplay

I’ve discussed my dislike for male ASMRtists on this site many times, and it still stands – even with these types of ASMR videos I still have a fond disliking for their voices

But, at the very least I can recognize why people enjoy their content; and ASMR doctor roleplay videos get even more appreciation as they are doing something that would obviously be male orientated.

So having a sooth male voice here would make sense – and it does.

The best part about this type of ASMR content and this video especially is the interactiveness of the whole scenario.

Since its a ‘test’ you are free to take part in as much as you want to.

Following along with the instructions he gives you to the T or just sitting back and letting his sooth talking and other ASMR sounds work their magic on you in the way of getting you into a relaxed state.

Despite my lack of desire for male ASMR content, there are plenty of people that find this video soothing, so it would be wrong for me not to include it on this list.

And because a lot of my friends enjoy this one to, so they’ve convinced me to add it to this list.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a sort of ‘playing along’ type ASMR video where you get to pretend you’re an actual patient, this is one of the better videos for you to do that.

Oh and if you like an assortment of ASMR triggers, rather than just a select few – then you’ll be in for a treat here.

4. Nurse and Doctor Roleplay ASMR

Although this one a little goofy, and far less serious than the ones listed about, I still think it provides a tingly experience.

With a range of triggers, characters, and an array of voices, this video from Angelica provides an entertaining experience like no other – you can really tell she enjoys being a total goofball for our entertainment.

Check out more videos from Angelica on YouTube.

If you don’t mind something a little random and less serious, as typical ASMR doctor roleplays are pretty serious as they are supposed to be imitating real-world scenarios.

Then this is going to be a video you just have to watch.

Thanks to its length, which is just over 1 hour – if you’re not awake being entertained by this pretty amusing video, you will no doubt be put into a hypnotic relaxed state.

There’s not much more I can say about this video, and I’d ruin it if I were to speak more about it – this one is best experienced by watching.

It is really a roleplay that you just don’t know where it’ll go next, unlike the other 3 which follow real-world scenarios.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Doctor Roleplay Videos

asmr doctor roleplay

Roleplay ASMR is generally taken seriously, meaning that most of the time the creator is recreating a real-world experience, like the doctor ASMR we have discussed in this article.

Overall, picking any one of these videos will provide a tingly and relaxing experience that you can ‘play along’ with when they ask you ‘medical questions’ throughout the video.

Which I think is a really great way of getting you in the scenario and potentially giving you a greater chance at getting ASMR tingles.


Thanks for reading as always.

Sweet Dreams,