4 mesmerizing ASMR cooking videos for relaxation

ASMR cooking videos are a relatively unknown trigger to most of the ASMR community, as it was to me at some point – well it was until I decided to experience some of these videos for myself.

For the purpose of this ASMR article.

The creators usually cook some type of food or meal and focus a lot of the captured video around the chopping and slicing of the foods which they use.

So just like any ordinary ASMR would contain crunching, clicking or tapping.

ASMR cooking videos just focus on cooking specific triggers, which I think is a really creative way to produce natural-sounding ASMR triggers in a way that is also entertaining to the viewer.

And since cooking is a big part of everybody’s lives, it also can be relatable as well as even inspire people to cook whatever it is the YouTuber is creating in their video.

It’s sort of a multilayered ASMR trigger that can be relaxing, educational and even inspirational.

You’ll get a lot more out of this than a simple ASMR tapping or ASMR clicking video – although these types of videos are great in their own right.

Now that we’ve somewhat established what this ASMR trigger has in store for us, let’s check out some of the best ASMR cooking videos on the internet.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how tingly they are.

1. ASMR Cooking Stop Motion Animation

I’m not sure if this is a great example to put first on the list, but I really excited to talk about it because its unlike anything I have seen before.

Even when considering videos outside of the ASMR bubble we live in.

This particular YouTube video is very unique and you’ll see why the moment you click play.

Now in terms of ASMR, I wouldn’t say its that ASMR friendly, although it does imply it in the title of the video.

There is plenty of typical cooking sounds here and plenty more your ears will appreciate although the sounds can be sort of loud at times.

So I wouldn’t recommend putting on this video if you’re looking to fall asleep right there and then.

It’s more for people looking for a satisfying video so that they are able to get relaxed through the process of watching.

And since its heavily visually pleasing, with plenty of vibrant colors and just satisfying animation to look at whilst you listen to the awesome sounds all of the ‘objects’ in the video creates.

I would still recommend this video to anyone who enjoys watching ASMR.

As I’ve said a few sentences above, it is one of the most unique videos I have seen from any creator on the internet and certainly, it’s a high-quality one to be enjoyed by many people.

All of these creators’ videos are just like this, so if you enjoy the video linked above then you’ll enjoy the rest of their ASMR stop motion cooking videos!

2. ASMR Cooking with Gibi ASMR

Moving on from the weird but wonderful stop-animation ASMR to a more traditional ASMR video and one from none other than Gibi ASMR.

It wouldn’t be an ASMR article would it now without Gibi being featured somewhere in this list, but she deserves all the credit I give her.

Especially in this video, as I feel like ASMR cooking can be quite hard to create as if you’ve cooked anything in your life you’ll know the sounds can be pretty loud.

So for me personally I feel like she’s done a great job in ensuring that the sounds aren’t to harsh on your ears.

This way you could easily listen to something like this if you wanted to get some sleep but as is the theme with this type of ASMR trigger.

If you shut your eyes at any point, you’ll be missing out on some great visual ASMR – which will also just make you super hungry.

So make sure you’re not going to bed hungry if you watch this or any other ASMR cooking video for that matter on this list.

Gibi loves to talk in most of her ASMR videos and I always welcome it and enjoy it whenever I watch her.

Her chatting fits even more here since she is describing what she is doing, which just adds an extra element of ASMR in my opinion – making the ASMR better, in my opinion.

Since I feel more involved I find it easier to get comfortable and relaxed due to the amount of immersion I feel watching her cut carrots and tomatoes.

It may sound a little silly but I really do think instructional type videos are just way more effective than mindless rambling over the top of something like ASMR tapping or ASMR clicking.

3. ASMR Cooking – Tasty Soft & Jiggly Cheesecake Baking

A more professional and well put together video comes from the very popular non-ASMR channel, Tasty.

As you can imagine, they are probably better suited to creating a cooking video than your favorite ASMR creator.

Although the video I previously put on this list from Gibi ASMR is still a good contribution to the ASMR cooking trigger.

With some great camera angles, which sounds odd but it really does help with the visual ASMR aspect of the video – you will be more than memorized whilst watching.

Allowing you to, as I’ve stated previously, to feel a lot more immersion in the content because it’s of just high quality.

Therefore you can enjoy the benefits even more in the way of ensuring you are a lot more relaxed and comfortable – which is an important factor when it comes to any ASMR content you consume.

You have to feel comfortable so the benefits are able to work on you.

Even if the trigger is something as simple as ASMR cooking.

With absolutely no talking at all during the video, this is a great piece of content that I think perfectly represents the ASMR cooking not talking trigger that we are talking about here.

Featuring all the awesome sounds that you will find when you cook for yourself as well as the beautiful visuals whilst doing so

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing ASMR cooking video to fall asleep to tonight, this is most definitely the one for you.

4. ASMR Cooking – Make boiled dumplings

I’ve also got another great ASMR cooking video that is in the same vein as the previous video above this one.

I say it doesn’t do much different but in that case, it achieves all the great things the previous video has done – so at the very least you just have another awesome ASMR cooking video to watch if you get bored of the first one.

With the same awesome visuals as before, the visuals ASMR you enjoy have been achieved here as well as the obvious ASMR sounds we all love.

There is not much more to say except that these last two ASMR cooking videos are some of the most professional looking ASMR videos I have ever seen.

And I think that they achieve much more in the way of visual ASMR than a lot of the other creators have achieved with this ASMR trigger.

So far that reason, It has become one of my personal favorites because as you may know from reading anything on this site.

I just love visual ASMR and I think it’s heavily underrated and very much in the shadow of ASMR sounds.

This trigger allows you to get a great combination of both, and I feel like even all of the videos in this list have pulled this off to some degree.

Final Words

ASMR cooking

I think cooking ASMR is a really great trigger, despite my lack of knowledge of it before I created this article.

It uses both ASMR sounds and ASMR visuals in both relaxing, comfortable and tingly ways, which I think is awesome and not many ASMR triggers can work this way.

Therefore, if you love both these aspects of ASMR as much as I do, then I think you might have found your new favorite ASMR trigger.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.