5 of the best ASMR Cleaning videos for your satisfaction

I’ve covered ASMR ear cleaning before on this site, but what I’m talking about here is a whole different type of cleaning – something you’re probably more than familiar with.

The ASMR cleaning trigger consists of people actually cleaning objects.

Whether that’s a keyboard they need to freshen up, a vase they need to wipe down or whatever else they need to get in order to ensure that they can keep a tidy home.

A lot of enjoyment from these videos comes from just watching something get so clean, sort of the before and after is satisfying to look at.

But the process is the best part when you notice the difference in color on an object due to it being clean can really just satisfy a person.

So if you love visual ASMR as much as I do, this is certainly going to be a trigger you won’t be able to get enough of.

And if you’re someone who loves ASMR sounds, then don’t worry, there are some light sounds to compliment the satisfying videos in all of the videos linked below and some of them will even contain talking.

Which is always a nice addition to fill some of the quieter parts of the video.

Overall, an awesome trigger and one that I’m excited to talk about with you all today.

1. ASMR Cleaning a dirty Apple keyboard

My absolute favorite videos within this ASMR cleaning category are by far the keyboard cleaning videos

There’s just something so satisfying about looking at something so dirty and then overtime watching it get so clean – you must know what I’m talking about here.

If not, then give the video a watch and I have no doubt you’ll at least find some form of sanctification from watching.

Alongside just the simple viewing pleasure this keyboard cleaning video can give you, there is a lot of different ASMR sounds throughout the video.

Some are harsher than others but that can be expected with a keyboard cleaning video since its quite a task getting the keys off the board.

A long video, but one that is very satisfying to watch, especially since it hits both the ASMR sounds and ASMR visuals that we absolutely love from any ASMR content online.

There is some talking over this video too but that comes in the way of telling you what he is doing, which is always welcomed to my ears.

A great start to this ASMR cleaning list and one that I think many of us can appreciate.

And perhaps it might even inspire you to clean your own dirty keyboards.

2. ASMR Cleaning Gucci Shoes

This next video isn’t to ASMR friendly, meaning there is a lot of background noise throughout the video but I think it’s still a great video to watch

Although I’d recommend watching it if you’re not too interested in getting sleep and you’re looking just for relaxation or a bit of background noise whilst you study.

It’s such an entertaining video in my opinion, as you can see he is really enjoying what he does.

This makes any ASMR so much more enjoyable when you know the creator is enjoying it.

Overall, there are some nice ASMR sounds here, although pretty harsh for some along with talking throughout the video; since he is working for a client.

I’d recommend this video more for entertainment than anything else, as it’s super satisfying to watch – although it is not something I’d put on if I was looking to get to sleep.

Although you could use it for that, I think since the content is pretty varied with talking, sounds and background noise, it could be quite hard to settle.

3. Car Cleaning ASMR – Unintentional ASMR

This next video features someone cleaning their entire car and recording it but probably not for the intention of ASMR – although it does have plenty of great sounds and visuals that can be related to ASMR.

I’ve spoken a little about unintentional ASMR elsewhere on this site, so if you’re unfamiliar with that concept, then I’d recommend you check that video out later.

But for now, this video is just someone cleaning their car, although that’s what it appears to be.

If you listen in with your headphones, you’ll soon see why people refer to this video as unintentional ASMR.

Because he is performing an everyday task – in this case cleaning his car

And creating fabulous ASMR sounds for our ears to enjoy, even though he is doing it for the purpose of cleaning.

Now because it’s a car cleaning video, there are some pretty harsh sounds throughout – so again I’d recommend watching this video just to be visually pleased rather than to allow you to get some sleep.

Although it will put you into a better mood because you’ll just feel more satisfied and relaxed.

This is a little weird considering you’re just watching someone clean their car but trust me, this is what you’ll feel afterward.

4. Rude Phone Cleaning – ASMR roleplay

This is a more organized ASMR cleaning video since it’s in the form of roleplay, so any sounds you hear throughout are planned to be in here

Which in my opinion can be a lot more enjoyable, especially if you’re wanting to get some sleep because there won’t be any accidental harsh sounds throughout

As everything has been pre-planned to some degree

Since this is an ASMR roleplay, which I’ve spoken about before on this site, there is always a focal point to the video.

In this case, it is a Rude phone repairs service, so it’s a slightly different take on your typical ASMR cleaning video – which is perfect for those who enjoy roleplays videos a bit more than less put together ASMR content.

And of course, there is a lot of talking throughout this video – but I think it works really well here since it is a roleplay.

Honestly, I recommend this video to anyone looking for something a little better put together than the other ASMR cleaning videos on this list.

As there is no form of background noise and all of the sounds in this video are made with some afterthought.

So nothing here will really disrupt your sleep.

If that’s what you intend to use this ASMR trigger for.

5. ASMR Cleaning You

This one’s a little different from the other ASMR cleaning videos on this list but it is certainly one that I think sums up the ASMR community pretty well.

Of course, the community as taken the ASMR cleaning trigger and put their own spin on it – in this case the creators are cleaning us, the viewer.

So in the form of personal attention is how this video is presented, which makes sense to the point of the video is to clean you.

Expect plenty of hand movements very up in your face with different objects, as well as some soothing whispers that help to calm you and relax you.

If you’re looking to get some usage out of this ASMR trigger, instead of just being visually satisfied and pleased, then perhaps this video is best for you.

As it encourages you to be in a better mood, more relaxed, free of any negative mental issues you may be having up until the point of watching.

A really useful video that I just can’t get enough of and recommend enough for those of you who have had a terrible day.

Final Words

ASMR cleaning

The ASMR cleaning trigger has a lot of variation, unlike some of the more popular ASMR triggers I have spoken about in the past.

This is because it could easily be a form of unintentional ASMR or one that is more structured in the form of an ASMR roleplay.

Overall I think everyone can find some enjoyment from these types of videos, form just being visually satisfied and pleased the way someone cleans their keyboard.

To be put into a far better mood thanks to personal attention roleplay I spoke about in the last video on this list.

So as always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.