3 ASMR Boyfriend roleplay videos you’ll love

Just like in real life, having a boyfriend just allows you to get a level of personal attention, comfort, and be in a positive mood when you’re with them.

And with the popularity of ASMR girlfriend videos, it should come to no surprise that there is an ASMR boyfriend alternative.

These videos allow the viewer to get a certain level of personal attention they may not have felt before

In my opinion, this type of ASMR is by far the best at allowing viewers to feel a lot more relaxed, safe and free of negative thoughts whilst watching.

This is what I seem to have gotten out of watching these types of videos in the past

I never usually watch this type of content if I’m interested in getting to sleep right there and then, all though you could

For me its more about the visualization of being laid next to someone, them showering my in complications; gently boosting my ego and allowing me to think positive through a dark period I may be having.

If this sounds like something you need, then keep on reading – I am going to show you some of the best ASMR boyfriend videos you can watch.

Although be warned, I’m not a super fan of this ASMR trigger – I prefer the ASMR girlfriend trigger since I find it to be a lot more comforting.

Though I have had my friends help with this article, so rest assured that these videos I have linked will be of the highest quality and will allow you to get whatever it is you need from it.

Just like any other piece of ASMR content on the internet.

1. ASMR Boyfriend Takes care of you

This is what I’m talking about with personal attention ASMR in these types of videos

Here you have a great example of a lot of whispering, very personal with pet names the creator calls you such as babe – which can be comforting since these are words generally said to a loved one

The purpose of this video is for the boyfriend to take care of your whist you’re sick – so obviously a very personal experience.

There is a lot of tapping, scratching and general ASMR sounds throughout this video that you can expect to find from a lot of ASMR content on YouTube.

I think this just adds to the experience through the main focal point should be on the up close and whispery talking of the boyfriend – especially since he is taking care of you.

So no doubt you will find some comfort in this.

Any other ASMR noises you hear just serve as additional audio for your ears to appreciate in between the silence.

2. Psycho ASMR boyfriend Kidnaps you

Since as you can imagine a lot fo these videos are pretty much the same, since they focus heavily around a made-up boyfriend

There are a few videos that take the ASMR trigger/scenario and put their own twist on it – even if it is a little strange.

Despite the weird nature, they still never fail to at least bring their audience comfort and some even tingles – so at the very least they do their intended job.

This next video fits this sort of weird category since it’s around a Psycho Boyfriend which kidnaps you, strange right?

Well, it is, but as you can imagine, if you can even think like this – being kidnapped is very personal.

It’s just you and your captor – so on this level, and especially in the harm free zone of an ASMR video – it more than certainly ticks that personal attention aspect of ASMR this trigger naturally brings with it

Making for a unique experience that in the end is quite comforting and of course entertaining.

As you can imagine, the general whispering throughout this video is generally more aggressive, as he is playing a psycho.

Though because there is some actual plot here, its easy to get immersed and as I’ve mentioned many times across this site – this for me and for a lot of the ASMR community is a reason why we can enjoy these videos.

Feeling more immersed in the environment, actually feeling as if we are there, allows us to further enjoy the ASMR experience and get what needs from it.

Whether that’s a distraction from the negatives of the world or just allowing us to get comfy, even if we have been captured by our psycho boyfriend.

3. Sleeping with your ASMR boyfriend

This is a less serious and far less visual video than the previous ones in this list but I feel like a lot more of you might be more comfortable watching this.

The reason for that being is that I generally find these videos to be somewhat awkward, or cringy in a way.

Whether that’s the creator just feeling cringy or just the fact that I need to go online and search up ASMR boyfriend because I’m so alone, you know?

But with this next video, it feels pretty harmless and I would recommend it for anyone.

Since its just the effect of a boyfriend laying next to you, where you can hear there breath as well as other sleepy movements one might do when in bed – such as tossing and turning.

It is far more comfortable to watch and can be enjoyed even with your eyes closed – unlike the previous two videos which contained a lot of visual ASMR and required you to have your eyes open to enjoy it all.

Although this is a simple video, I think it is still by far one of the best ASMR boyfriend videos on the platform and from our community.

Simple and effective in my opinion.

And one that certainly you need to watch if you’re just looking to not feel so alone in your bed tonight.

Final Thoughts

ASMR boyfriend

As established, this is sort of a weird ASMR trigger, one I wouldn’t want anyone finding out that I watch – it seems kind of creepy but really when you watch it for a while, you realize its harmless.

It can really help with any negative feelings you may be having thanks to anxiety or just general loneliness.

And just for a little while you can suppress this negativity and allow yourself to get comfy with the feeling of someone else next to you, someone who loves you and wants you to be your best you.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.