4 of the best ASMR bedtime stories to help you fall asleep

With ASMR bedtime stories, you just need to take yourselves back to when you were much younger to really enjoy this particular ASMR trigger

You’ll remember the best times of your bedtime during your child were when your parents or guardians read to you your favorite bedtime story.

This is important because I have mentioned many times before I believe that ASMR is triggered by reliving scenarios whether that’s visually or audibility – reliving these things can bring about the tingles

Or at the very least bring about the soothing and calming feeling that you get and need before you get a good nights sleep

And this is why ASMR bedtime stories are such a great piece of content to fall asleep too.

They don’t include any harsh or intense trigger unless some form of background noise has been added – such as rain, storm, or white noise

And they are also very personal videos because all of the creator’s focus is on you, and even what they are doing is focused on you

Since what they are trying to achieve with this content is to ultimately put you to sleep – through the use of a bedtime story.

I’m going to focus this list on how they creators read the bedtime stories, and what else is in these videos instead of what they are reading.

Because although I think that matters to some, I feel like its more important to know how the video sounds as a whole – depending on how the creator performs the ASMR trigger.

1. Big sister reads you to sleep

This is more in the realm of ASMR roleplays, which are widely popular if you’ve ever seen any ASMR on YouTube, you’ll know roleplays are just endless content with all of your favorite triggers included

With this particular ASMR video, the scenario is that you can’t sleep during a thunderstorm and your big sister (Gibi ASMR) is going to read a bedtime story to you to help soothe you into a sleepy state

I’m pretty biased in favor of Gibi, I think all of her ASMR content is pretty great, so there’s no surprise a video from her is on this list.

But this includes slight ASMR tapping noises you’d expect from Gibi – she really can’t help herself when it comes to creating ASMR videos – she’s always tapping on things

But I think that just adds something a little extra, so I don’t mind too much.

On top of that, she also includes a little bit of rambling, whether that’s interjecting on the story or just asking if you’re doing okay.

Which I think adds another element to the video – since it is just over 35 minutes long – it adds to the variety of the content

But it doesn’t upset the mood of the video too much – which is perfect if you’re looking to get some sleep.

2. Spooky bedtime story reading in ASMR

if you’re looking for something different, perhaps something unusual as to what sort of bedtime stories you’ve listened to whilst you go to sleep

Then Batalas ASMR has a great scary bedtime story reading for you.

With some much appreciated personal attention in this particular video, you are going to be able to get cozy – even sleepy

Whilst listening to a spooky storying read to you in ASMR

I can understand that people like the warmth of a good and harmless story but I can also appreciate those who want something a little more scary

Although it’s not overly scary, it still gets you into the sleepy mood due to the way it is being readout.

With the combination of personal attention ASMR, this is one of my more favored types of ASMR bedtime stories style videos – hence why its on the list.

And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like reading or watching anything too spooky.

3. ASMR bedtime story reading – The Little Mermaid

This next video is a bedtime story that you’re all familiar with.

The creator is reading the entire story of The Little Mermaid to you in this one and its very ear to ear too.

Almost like they are speaking directly to you in your ears – probably created with some type of binaural microphone.

It isn’t too intense, despite how close the creator feels to you but it is for sure a soothing experience.

I have personally never lasted all the way through the reading because as you can imagine I was fast asleep before she got to the end.

It is an hour and twenty minutes long though to be fair, and with her soothing voice and just how visually pleasing the book is – it would be immensely hard not to fall asleep to such a video.

With a lot of talking (obviously) as well as some ASMR page-turning, which I know can be a favorable trigger for many people – despite it not being one of mine.

This is a simple yet long video and is perfect for anyone looking to get some zzz’s tonight.

4. ASMR Bedtime Story Reading – Peter Pan

Following the same Disney vein as the previous video, this particular ASMR bedtime stories reading is of Peter Pan – a story I’m no doubt you are familiar with.

Just as the last video was, this particular video is the entire story of Peter Pan from start to finish – in one single video.

Containing authentic sounds such as page-turning and general paper sounds.

Sounds that fit with this type of ASMR as these are ASMR sounds you would hear yourself if someone was to read to you in person.

Overall this a great tingly video from ASMR Glow, and one that you should definitely put on throughout your headphones if you want to get some relaxing sleep.

And just like the last video, I will be more than surprised if you were to get to the end before you fell asleep.

There isn’t too much to say about this one, as I’ve covered the type of direction Glow takes in this ASMR content already – as it is similar to other videos on this list.

All though it does contain my most favorite visuals at of all of them, so if you’re someone who likes to slowly drift off while watching ASMR content,

I’d recommend this video to you the most.

Final Words on ASMR Bedtime Stories

ASMR bedtime stories

ASMR sleep stories are such great triggers – and is one of the triggers I enjoy talking about with people who don’t quite understand ASMR as I feel everyone can relate to it and can gain a better understanding as to why ASMR is so popular.

As the viewers are just reliving a previous scenario that once made them so sleepy they couldn’t resist dosing off – making ASMR bedtime stories such a wonderful trigger.

As always,

Thanks for reading

Sweet Dreams.