4 of the best ASMR barber shop videos for relaxation

Going to the barbershop is probably one of the most relaxing scenarios a man can put himself in in the real world.

Getting a natural feeling of personal attention whilst getting the benefit of a great haircut that will just make them feel and look awesome.

As you can imagine, the ASMR community has taken this and turned in into its very own ASMR trigger.

ASMR barber shop videos are for people who love personal attention ASMR, just like I do as well as those who are looking for a somewhat authentic experience.

So that means these videos include all the sounds and even visuals that are a part of the barbershop culture.

Whether that’s the sounds of clippers, the visuals of the surrounding area or just the pleasing face of a client getting a new trim and a much needed relaxing experience.

And even if you’re someone like me who has never been to a barbershop in there life – because I’m a female – I assure you that you will be able to find some level of comfort from these videos.

Whether that’s just because you can feel how relaxed the person is whilst getting their haircut or through the sounds and visuals you can hear and see from the video that works their ASMR magic on you.

Whoever you are, I’m sure you’ll love the ASMR barber shop trigger as much as I do, so let’s get into this list and explore some of the best videos that you are able to find from our wonderful ASMR community.

1. ASMR Baber Shop close up shave

As you can imagine, a lot of these videos are created through the channel of roleplaying, although there are a select few that feature a real-life scenario of an ASMR barber shop, which I will cover on this list.

These videos, in particular, are obviously known as ASMR role plays, in this case, this is an ASMR barber shop roleplay – featuring a close up shave.

Now barbershops can feature haircuts as standard but they can also feature shaves and even head and body massages

So there is a lot of variation here to keep people entertained when viewing this particular ASMR trigger.

Featuring plenty of whispering, usually in the form of asking you questions and talking you through what she is doing – which I find to be more entertainment since its not mindless rambling

There is plenty of different types of ASMR throughout this video, allowing a wider range of people much enjoyment.

This is a pretty standard ASMR barber shop video and I think it is a great all-round piece of ASMR content that does the barber shop ASMR trigger tingly justice.

2. ASMR barber shop sounds – fast

This next ASMR barber shop video doesn’t quite feature a roleplay.

Its more about the sounds that you would hear at a barbershop, which can be a lot better if you’re looking to just close your eyes when watching ASMR.

AS if it were a roleplay, you’d be missing out on 50% of the ASMR if you could not take in the visuals.

I’ve spoken about fast ASMR on this site before, and this is exactly what is being created here with the tools from a barber shop

I spoke about in another article about fast ASMR not quite being its own trigger, rather its a version of another trigger.

So if you had something like ASMR tapping, you could use fast ASMR to speed this sound up to give another variation of ASMR tapping – potentially creating other sounds you may not have heard before

And this is exactly what you’re going to see/hear with this next video.

Now I understand that many people do not like fast ASMR, as it’s all over the place in terms fo the pacing of the video – which just makes people uncomfortable.

But I still urge you to give it a try, just to see how your ears take to it

Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised just like I was when I first watched this video.

3. Vietnam Barbershop ASMR Head Shave and Massage

If you’re looking for a more realistic barbershop experience than this video will certainly be what you’re looking for.

And when I mean realistic, it really is – although probably nothing like you have seen from your own town – as this features a Vietnamese Barber shop experience.

So even if you’ve been to your barbershop, this is still something a little different for you to watch and enjoy.

Now a lot of these shave and body massage videos heavily rely on the visuals to comfort the viewer, rather than the sounds.

Mainly because the sounds are so quiet they can never usually be picked up, and if they are picked up on the microphone, you can barely hear them.

So a realistic experience like this one should be appreciated visually rather than audibly.

These are the types of ASMR videos I really enjoy because I’m a huge fan of visual ASMR – but I think I’m really a minority here.

Especially since you’re going to need to pay attention to appreciate the video, so I understand if anyone is looking to get some sleep then these videos aren’t really effective as you’d have your eyes closed.

So keep this in mind if you choose to watch this video for a comforting experience.

On top of that, there is plenty of talking within the environment, which isn’t necessarily ASMR friendly – so that would put a lot of viewers of too.

But personally, I don’t mind it too much, I find this noise to be part of the barber shop experience anyway – so it really doesn’t bother me too much.

And visual ASMR videos are something I never really put on to fall asleep to, its more so about getting relaxed and hopefully getting ASMR tingles – so the loud-ish noises aren’t too big of a deal here.

4. Binaural Baber Shop ASMR

Lastly, on this list, I wanted to feature another ASMR roleplay since I feel like these types of videos are what everyone thinks about when thinking about the ASMR barber shop trigger.

You may or may not already know that I favor female ASMR creators over males, and that’s just a preference for their voice.

But here, I wanted to add this video in from Phoenician Sailor since a lot of my male friends have been recommending it to me ever since they found out I was planning on creating this post.

So, because of that, it just had to make this list

Even if I’m not into this sub-niche of ASMR, with the overwhelmingly positive feedback I can’t ignore it.

It is a very slow-paced video, which works wonders with this guy’s voice – and as far as props go, it’s one of the most realistic videos I’ve seen.

So it gets big thumbs up for me in terms of visual ASMR – which is what I always focus on in any ASMR video I watch.

In terms of ASMR sounds, you hear a range of ASMR sounds all the way through this video, just like the others on this list – they seem more deliberate and calculated than previous videos

Meaning the creator isn’t just creating sounds to create sounds – he is doing it in a way which makes sense with his roleplay

And I think this just makes the entire video so much more enjoyable because I just feel totally impressed with what he is doing to the camera (us – the audience).

Even if I’m not a male.

Overall, another great video representing the depth of the ASMR barber shop trigger and one that I think many members of the ASMR community can enjoy.

I certainly enjoyed it and usually, I shy away from this type of ASMR content.

Final Thoughts

ASMR barber shop

This is one of those triggers than can be experienced in real life but is sometimes even more appreciated in the comfort of your own bed.

With many variations of this trigger, from roleplays to just the sounds of a barber shop to even real-life versions

I have no doubt, no matter what sort of ASMR content you’re into, there is going to be a video in this list that will be perfect for you.

Allowing you to be more comfortable, relaxed, get the tingles and generally get some better sleep.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams.